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Novel Electrode Structure Provides New Promise for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries

Nanotubes encapsulate Li-S electrodes, trapping polysulfides while enhancing conductivity

The Crazy Security Behind the Birth of Zcash, the Inside Story

Zcash, the new anonymous cryptocurrency, was born in a cloak-and-dagger cocoon of digital secrecy. There was just one little problem

Video Friday: Kengoro the Sweaty Robot, Camera Drone on a Leash, and the Next Frontier in AI

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Startup Says Beaming Millimeter Waves Over the Air Will Make It a Star in Ultra-Fast Wireless Broadband

Following its splashy debut, the Boston startup called Starry has quietly tested millimeter waves to wirelessly deliver broadband Internet service with peak speeds up to 1 gigabit per second

Facebook's H-1B Software Engineer Salaries Climb Six Percent Annually. Google's Go Up Two Percent; Uber's Drop

A new online tool for easy browsing of hardware and software engineer salaries dips into H1B visa data

Why Do Hackers Love to Attack Canada’s Energy Departments?

New statistics reveal the Canadian government's natural resources, energy, and environment agencies were hacked hard in 2016

Graphene-based Antenna Still Looking for Path to Commercialization

It does everything a metal antenna can do and more, but it hasn't been adopted yet

IEEE Smart Village and Its partner Global Himalayan Expedition Bring Solar-Generated Electricity to Lingshed Monastery

It’s just the latest effort in Smart Village’s mission to bring electricity to more than 50 million people by 2025


Video Friday: Kengoro the Sweaty Robot, Camera Drone on a Leash, and the Next Frontier in AI

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Robot Gift Guide 2016

A dozen robots that we promise will make fantastic holiday gifts

Deep Learning Startup Maluuba's AI Wants to Talk to You

Maluuba sees reading comprehension and conversation as key to true AI. It's built a new way to train AIs on those skills

How Root Wants to Bring Coding to Every Classroom

Root is a programmable robot that solves the main problem with teaching kids to code: it helps grown-ups learn to code too

Raytheon Sets Phasers to Drone Destruction with Directed Energy Weapon Test

Raytheon's Phaser microwave weapons system can fry swarms of drones at long range

Building 8-Bit Bots

An Apple IIe and a Commodore 64 are pressed into service

NABiRoS Robot Makes Us Wonder Why We All Don't Walk Sideways

A robot built like an ironing board is surprisingly good at walking without falling over

The Robot Revolution Comes to Synthetic Biology

Automation allows thousands of possibilities when building weird new organisms

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