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Ohio State's Electric Motorcycle Takes On a Punishing Mountain Course

It took some last-minute engineering to get the Buckeye Current, a battery-powered bike, into racing condition

Resonating Drums Made Out of Graphene Could Lead to Better Sensors

A new type of electrically-controlled mechanical resonator could detect ultra-weak signals

How We’ll Put a Carbon Nanotube Computer in Your Hand

Circuits built from carbon nanotubes will give silicon real competition

A World of Help for Women Software Engineers

A software engineer makes it easier for women in tech around the world to “find their tribe”

Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs Wants to Help You Navigate Smart Cities

A mobile app will give you all the best options for driving, parking, and transit

The Godzilla of Solar Ovens

Built in 1949, the giant Mont-Louis solar furnace could instantly ignite wood and melt through a steel plate in seconds

Exoskeleton Could Quell the Tremors of Parkinson's Disease Patients at Crucial Moments

A wearable device for the arm would only turn on when the user needs fine motor skills

Black Phosphorus Has Renaissance in Two Dimensions

An inherent band gap is bolstering the reputation of the hot new 2D material


Walmart and Five Elements Robotics Working on Robotic Shopping Cart

We like the idea of an autonomous shopping cart, but getting it to work will be a challenge

Anki's Cozmo: the Intelligent Robotic Toy You've Always Wanted, Maybe

Cozmo promises intelligence, personality, and fun, but is it enough to hold your interest?

Infographic: The Future of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Autonomous underwater vehicles could survey pipelines—or perform military missions

Video Friday: Cloud Robotics, MARLO in the Forest, and Eagle Kills Drone

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Boston Dynamics' SpotMini Is All Electric, Agile, and Has a Capable Face-Arm

A fun-sized version of Spot is the most domesticated Boston Dynamics robot we've seen

FAA Announces Commercial Drone Rules

Want to make some money with your drone? Here's what you'll have to do first

Custom Processor Speeds Up Robot Motion Planning by Factor of 1,000

A preprogrammed FPGA can take motion planning from frustrating to instantaneous

Video Friday: Marty the Robot, Dancing With Drones, and Deep Learning for Cars

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

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