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The Secrecy Cryptography Giveth to Criminals, the Internet of Things Taketh Away

Despite the FBI's claims, a growing number of everyday household objects provide access points for eavesdropping on suspected criminals

Nanomembrane May Bring Rechargeable Lithium-Metal Batteries Back

Nanomaterial looks to buoy the prospects of lithium-metal batteries

What’s Behind North Korea’s Space Launch? A View From the Inside

The country’s peaceful intentions were questionable in 2012, and they still are

Video Friday: Droneboarding, RoboCoaster, and AI Video Competition

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

A Former Nest Engineer Sees a Gap Between Indiegogo and Best Buy—and Fills it With B8ta

A new way to sell high tech hardware debuts in Palo Alto, Calif.

Google Wants Its Driverless Cars to Be Wireless Too

The budding carmaker is investigating technology for plugless recharging its EVs

A Deep Learning AI Chip for Your Phone

A chip designed to run powerful neural networks for image analysis uses one-tenth the energy a mobile GPU would

Cheap Cubic-Boron Nitride Could Enable Next Gen Smart Grid

High-power transistors and switches for the next-generation power grid could be a step closer


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